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The right credit card for students.

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More and more banks are offering special credit cards for students, which enable payment abroad, online shopping for cashless payments. However, students should not access it blindly. A comparison of the offers is advisable in any case. So that the desire for financial freedom does not become a cost trap and costs high monthly fees, it is worth comparing prepaid…

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Refinancing loan – how does it work?

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Everything changes in life, just like the financial situation, which can improve or worsen day by day. For this reason, bank analysts had to create convenient tools that can tame these dynamic changes in the life of a particular borrower. One of the solutions is a refinancing loan. Check what it is characterized by and who should decide on it.…

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Calculate Equity for Credit

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Again: equity through credit? However, the approval of the Astro’s financing requires a little more than just figure acrobatics. Keyword equity. Basic mathematical knowledge is always helpful – especially when it comes to whether rents are sufficient to finance the construction of a house. Keyword equity. To calculate the amount of the annual rental costs, you only have to use…

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